1. Self-Publishing: Why Voting is a Poor Strategy For Deciding on a Book Title or Ebook Title
    Recently I watched an author conduct a survey to help him decide which title of four he had thought up to use for a Kindle ebook he had written I'm sure he thought running a survey was a smart way to get opinions that weren't tainted by his...
    By Marcia Yudkin

  2. Ebook Publishing: Ebooks and Print Books and How You Can Publish Both
    Publishing printed books used to be difficult and expensive. Then along came ebook publishing which turned the publishing industry on its head because now publishing ebooks was so easy to do. But did you know that it's now just as easy...
    By Ruth Barringham

  3. Where Most Non-fiction Book Authors go Wrong...
    "If the book needs repair before going to press, what did the writer do wrong?" is the most common question authors ask me when they find out that I review almost-ready-to-print non-fiction manuscripts, a sort of objective yea-nay court of last...
    By Gordon Burgett

  4. How Can You Get Your Book Published in Hours or Days - Free?
    How can you get your book published in just hours or days-free? First, you must write the book! Since your book will be produced by a professional, no-nonsense publisher, the insides and the cover will have to look like other bookstore books.
    By Gordon Burgett

  5. How To Write A 300 Page Book In Four Months
    There's a lot of hoopla about becoming an author of your very own business book. The promise of fame and fortune is very alluring. Yet your book remains perpetually 'about to be' written. Meanwhile your business has ground to a halt. Hmmm...
    By Mark Silver

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