1. Population Bottleneck and How Humans Managed to Squeeze Through It
    Broadly speaking population bottleneck can mean either the number of people on the earth falls drastically just like our bank balance at the end of the month or the genetic variety of the population falls that is we would be left with the same...
    By Kaspar Schmidt

  2. Race and Intelligence
    Based on Watson's studies, if all races had an identical inherited mindset, there would have been a notable ascension of intellectual progress in science, art, math, and educational civilization all over the ancient world from the three original...
    By Kaspar Schmidt

  3. Understanding the Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation
    Humans are adapted to the cosmic radiation and the Earth's magnetic field that we have lived with for hundreds of thousands of years. But since World War 1 there has been a massive increase in electromagnetic radiation.
    By Adrian Joele

  4. Top Countries Making a Big Through in Medical Science and Biology in 2015
    Looking back in 2015, some great achievements had been made. This article concludes the top countries which had made a big through in medical science and biology.
    By Venus Timberlake

  5. Different Types Microscopes Used in Industries
    In laboratories, many times, there is a need of ways to see the microbes for different reasons. Microbes are extremely tiny particles that are invisible through naked eyes. Until the introduction of microscopes, it was not possible to see and...
    By Kishore Gupta

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