1. How Proper Dieting Can Affect Weight Loss
    There is something that the majority of us have heard throughout our lives, and that is in order to lose weight, we must diet and exercise. There is a lot of information that has currently come to light, however, that can really change your...
    By Guido Nussbaum

  2. What to Do When You've Gained Excess Weight
    There are many of us that regularly struggle with our weight, and there may be times when you've gained excess weight and you want to be able to take it off quickly. Although there are a number of different methods that can be used in order to do...
    By Guido Nussbaum

  3. Is it True That Carbonated Drinks Cause Weight Gain?
    There is no doubt that people are having a difficult time with their weight, and it seems as if the weight gain epidemic is just continuing to be more of a problem. One of the culprits behind the weight gain that so many people are experiencing is...
    By Guido Nussbaum

  4. Lose Belly Fat
    Belly fat is a condition that you would not love to live with. This is why this article is of much relevance to you. Probably you have tried to lose belly fat but to no avail before. Well, maybe your approach is just not working for you.
    By Dapo Coker

  5. Obesity - the Difficulty of Sticking to a Weight Loss Plan for the Long Term
    Obesity is ever increasing; in fact it's the second leading cause of death. Nevertheless, obesity doesn't seem to attract the necessary attention from the relevant authorities and health organizations.
    By Brent McNutt

  6. Hormones and Weight Loss
    There is an element of truth in the overused excused, "I have glandular problems". Although most cannot blame their weight problems completely on their hormones, hormones do affect weight.
    By Bruno

  7. Losing Weight and Building Confidence
    Having confidence in your goal is important. It's tough to stick to something we don't believe we can do, after all.
    By Larry Tobin

  8. Burn Fat With Special Foods
    Burning fat and losing weight isn't just about exercising. Sure, it's extremely important to be active and work out, but there are other factors too. Factors that you probably haven't thought about but should have.
    By Ray Devonte

  9. 7 Tips to Help Your Teen Lose Weight Today
    The teenage years are some of the toughest that your child will face. There are many challenges bombarding your teen on a daily basis and obesity is just one of them.
    By Catherine Qazalbash

  10. Quickly Lose Weight With This Diet
    Have you ever wondered how Beyonce got that gorgeous figure? It is not about her genetic structure. In fact, you need to know that Beyonce as well as other celebrities are an expert with regards to different types of dieting.
    By Ryan Alberts

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