1. How to Take a Sick Day
    It may seem like the most obvious process - you catch the flu or a stomach bug, and you take the day off - but many Americans are increasing unsure of how to use their sick days For one, they're more reluctant to recognize their illnesses as...
    By J Soland

  2. Things to Know About a Customer Service Job
    Customer service implies just that, service Many companies have lost sales or simply have gone out of business completely have forgotten the old slogan, "The customer is always correct
    By Nick Woods

  3. Aspects of Career Planning
    Career planning plays a very important role in one's life. It helps us to manage the direction we want our career to take, the job skills and knowledge we will need, and how we can get them. A great career strategy relies on strong foundations...
    By Alok Mishra

  4. What it Takes to Be a Consultant
    There are a number of levels to consulting; everything from offering services of manual labour through to providing business or technological skills and intellectual effort to corporations The common thread in this is that you have to market your...
    By Dan Grijzenhout

  5. What It Takes To Become A Surgeon
    While most people recognize that becoming a surgeon is no walk in the park, you might not fully appreciate the time, money, and hard work that must be invested long before your surgeon has the ability to operate on you. A surgical career path can...
    By J Soland

  6. How To Become A Pharmacist
    A pharmacist is a person who has been trained and certified to dispense medicinal drugs to patients. The drugs are prescribed to patients by a doctor, medical assistant, or other clinician, but the pharmacist's job is far more complex than simply...
    By J Soland

  7. So You Want to Become a Psychiatrist...
    Working as a physician requires a certain amount of drive and determination. Not only are you required to complete several years of formal education and hands-on training, but you must also work with fervor to diagnose and treat patients.
    By J Soland

  8. Advice on Looking For a Job as a Baby Boomer
    With the recent economic troubles people have experienced the world over, finding a new job can be intimidating for anyone. But when you're a baby boomer trying to land a new position, you face some unique obstacles. First off, if you're looking...
    By J Soland

  9. Do You Think It's Time to Get Out of the Rat Race
    If you want to get out of the rat race and improve the quality of your life, you'll need a plan. You can get away from that paycheck to paycheck existence in one of two ways (or a combination of both).
    By Frank Demming

  10. Types of CAD Jobs
    The demand for CAD (computer aided design) jobs have continued to grow over the last several years. Many people who are unfamiliar with the technology believe that it is nothing more than simply creating digital designs, however this couldn't...
    By Jason Kay

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