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  • Ministry of Transport, Malaysia
    Also known as the Kementerian Pengangkutan, Malaysia in Malay. Established in 1956. Ministry of Transport was renamed the Ministry of Communications in 1972. In 1974, it was again renamed Ministry of Transport and...
  • Bintulu Port Authority (BPA)
    Bintulu Port, under Bintulu Port Authority jurisdiction, is a modern and efficient multipurpose port in SE Asia. Commenced its operations on January 1, 1983 under purview of the Ministry of Transport. The Port is...
  • Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Malaysia
    DCA was formed in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in 1947 and 1953 respectively. It becomes a self-accounting department under the Ministry of Transport in 1976 (previously under the Ministry of Post &...
  • Department of Railway, Malaysia
    Commonly known as the Jabatan Keretapi in Malay term. Department of Railway is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport. Established on August 1, 1992 under the Railway Act 1991 when the administration of...
  • Jabatan Laut Sabah
    Also known as the Sabah Marine Department in English term. A federal agency placed under the purview of the Ministry of Transport, Malaysia. The history of the Jabatan Laut Sabah started in 1925 when the first...

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