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  • Ministry of Tourism Malaysia
    Established on May 20, 1987 under the name Ministry of Tourism and Culture. On March 27, 2004, the Ministry of Tourism was officially established following the break-up of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism...
  • Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage
    Also known as Kementerian Perpaduan, Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan Malaysia in Malay term. Formerly known as the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (KEKKWA) until March 2008. Established on March 27, 2004 but...
  • 1Malaysia Green & Clean
    A site established by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia with the aim of highlighting and hopefully addressing the cleanliness of tourist spots in Malaysia. To ensure that all the tourist spots in Malaysia are clean...
  • Department of Museums Malaysia
    Also known as Jabatan Muzium Malaysia in Malay term. Established on March 11, 1993 under the name Department of Museums and Antiquities Malaysia or Jabatan Muzium dan Antikuiti (JPA). Renamed Department of Museums...
  • Department of National Heritage
    Also known as Jabatan Warisan Negara in Malay term. An agency under the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. Established on March 1, 2006 under the National Heritage Act 2005 (Akta Warisan Kebangsaan 2005) to...

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