Download QQ English   QQ English 2.1

Software Specifications
46.70 MB
License [?]:
Not available
Last Updated:
Apr 14, 2015
Chatting and IRC Software
Tencent Inc.
Operating System:
Mac Android iOS Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8
Additional Requirements:
Not available

QQ English Review
" English version of the popular Chinese chat client, QQ. "

NOTICE: QQ International was launched in 2014 to replace QQ English, the English-language version of QQ. It is multi-language supported with more features. Click here to download QQ International.

This is the most recent English version release of Tencent QQ.

New features:
  • Modern UI, More Professional
  • Super Video, Super Experience
  • Security, your safety expert
  • Q-zone, your personal zone
  • QQ Address Book, a good tool to communicate
  • Weather Report and Share my position
  • Share music with your friends
  • Better QQ Secretary
  • Enhanced QQ Update

QQ2004II English Version Features:
  • Online Time Level
  • Personal sign-off
  • Blocking message settings
  • Support sending MMS to QQ client
  • Remote controlling
  • Song Dedication in chat window
  • Add 5 QQ Tang game icons
  • QQ Audio Show
  • QQ Ring Toolbar
  • QQ Dynamic Panel
  • QQ Show Magic
  • Search in chat window
  • QQ Phone
  • QQ Customized icons
  • Brand new group version 3.0 integrated with group chat, BBS and Group Shared Folder
  • Enhanced screen capture

QQ2004 English Standard Version Features:
  • Network Hard Disk for sharing your files to buddy
  • Music Centre for online streaming
  • Creating online community for group chatting
  • Brand-new 2004 style main interface, solid icons and 15 new QQ face icons
  • Brand-new login interface, supporting keyboard login for password protecting
  • Online checking and upgrading
  • With "auto-updating scene list". Various scene can be installed automatically
  • Buddy list grouping to support traditional mode and tree mode. Recent buddy includes group, SP buddy and so on
  • Nickname and auto reply with emoticons
  • Support search function with multi-conditions
  • With QQ Assistant
  • With QQ Interphone on one key
  • With "Panel Administrator" to auto-finish QQ skin download and installation
  • Add S-buddy Panel, provide online services
  • Customized emoticons groups
  • Online gaming with buddies on chatting
  • Showing community information, buddies' icon and status, etc. in personal file
  • Reduce system GDI resource occupation and Win98 resource optimization
  • Support MMS




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